27. júla 2017

A DAY IN MY LIFE: Girls night out

Hey guys, how are you? I am back with a new post again A day in my life: Girls night out. As you maybe know I live on my own now, actually with my flatmate we are sharing a flat. And somewhere between school and work we find time for also enjoying our free time. We live in Bratislava and as you all know maybe it is the capital of Slovakia. This day we were celebrating my flatmates birthday. So after work we got ready and went to the city center. We kept it low and went to a beautiful river sight bar. The weather was beautiful so we took some pictures. As you can see down below there is also my outfit inspiration from that day. My blouse is from Forever 21, and it has a gold detailing on the strips and also there is a gold crisscross detailing on the back but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of that detail. My jeans are from Reserved and they are basic a bit washed kinda look bit darker jeans, I love them they are really comfy. My bag is a navy letter bag, which I actually got as a gift from my step dad and it also has this gold details which are kinda matching with the blouse. My shoes are from a online shop Topankovo.sk, I love them the are these nude high heels sandals, maybe you wont believe it but the are really comfortable, because the heel is a bit wide walking in these shoes feels great. And my jewellery, my earings were a gift from my flatmate for Christmas and my red bracelets are from my friends and one is from my aunt, both I love and wear every day. So this is all for now guys hope you like this post, do not forget to leave a comment and subscribe so I can also see your blog if you have, thanks for reading and see you next time.

xoxo Mon

18. júla 2017


Hey guys, again something new I have never done before. In this post I want to show you how my day looks like, because I am not a vlogger, this will be in pictures (I do not feel as a camera person :D) So I decided to do it this way, here you can see how can my day look like, of course this is not every day but sometimes when my day is more organized.So I wrote here only the things I have pictured for you. I hope you like them and if yes leave me a comment with the thing you usually do or you love to do and see you next time. xoxo Mon
 After work I love to get some coffee or iced drink. So I go to the nearest place or some place I have in my way to back home. In summer I love this Hibiscus Ice Tea this one I got in Aupark (Bratislava) and it is from Starbucs, I wear one of my favorite dresses from Bershka and my mint shoes from CCC Shoes. Here I was waiting for a bus to get back to my flat after work. As soon as I get home I love to change my clothes and go for a walk.

16. júla 2017


Hey guys, once again back with my traveling diary, few weeks ago (when it was colder, and when I mean colder a lot colder, that's why I am wearing a coat :D) I went for a trip to see my bestie in Prague, she celebrated her birth day and it appeared as a great chance to travel and also celebrate her birthday. My travel, started with a 4 hour train trip from Bratislava main station to Prague, the journey was quite good if you not thinking about traveling and not moving for 4 hours (this is why I love traveling by plane it is a great time saver and its way more comfortable), arriving after lunch, we went to my accommodation, and prepared some food which became to be homemade pizza, after this delicious lunch we head over to the city. Our first stop were the Botanic Gardens in the outskirt of Prague, a beautiful exhibition of wild flowers and plants, gorgeous colors and sadly for me butterflies (I mean no offense but, these creatures make me anxious, I do not know why but I guess we can call it lepidopterophobia). But forgetting this thing (she didn't know It will affect me like this, she thought I will love it), it was amazing and breathtaking. The exhibition took around an hour, but getting in took I guess more, in spite of  awful weather the place was full of people. Later on we went to one pub and they tried to make me drink beer but I am sorry this is not possible. But there is something about this small pubs, it is the place where Prague lives during the nights, few floors, crowded and people this is a typical Czech place in the evenings. Day 2 was more old Prague style, because I have seen places in Prague this was not a tour, but more like just spending days with friends and relax. But what would be Prague without the city tour? But first we had to celebrate it with Blair and Serena style with a brunch. Ours was spent in a lovely place called Pradelna, with lovely menu, tasty food, great coffee and lovely deserts. And who would say no to coffee and brownies? But back to the city, Old town square is amazing, it has the beauty which is characteristic for Prague, it has this magic, walking down to Charles bridge, and the riverside, over the bridge to sightseeing place at Letna makes you feel great, trying food specialties and just breathing in the city life. I am a huge fan of big crowded cities, which for some people can appear as awful for me its life. I can imagine myself being in a small town with nothing to see. You feel life, from the street artists, a lot of nations and first of all people. And the food of course, who would say no to a classic of all the Trdelnik, we tried one with strawberries, nutella and ice cream and we topped them with lovely macaroons, from a local pastry shop. And this beautiful day spent in Prague ended, with fireworks and again a lovely friends time in a pub. My last day was more like traveling home, after preparing a lovely breakfast, we went to the city and spent our few hours there, drinking Starbucks and enjoying the sun, shops and the city life. I am glad I could spend again some time with my bestie in her new home place. And hope we can do this trip again. Under this post you can see some pictures. Hope you like it, leave a comment and see you next time xoxo Mon.
 (these macaroons were so tasty, and they looked amazing!)

13. júla 2017


Hey guys, Its me again with a new post, today it will be something from the field of Fashion, this weekend I attended a beautiful wedding.  My cousin was getting married. I enjoyed this time so much, it was great to meet all the family members once again and celebrate with them this beautiful occasion. We spend this lovely time in Hungary, first it started with typical proposing and asking the parents of the bride if the groom can take her as his wife. Later there was a classic ceremony at the town hall and later in the church. The bride was beautiful like a princess from fairy tale with a beautiful big dress and the groom elegant. The weather was beautiful sunny and warm no rain as we though it would be.The whole wedding was in lovely elegant purple style and in Hungarian traditions. More pictures in the post, thanks for reading if you like it leave a comment and see you next time xoxo Mon

3. júla 2017

FOODSPIRATION: Easy summer fruit cake

 Hey guys, I am back and somehow I started to like these food posts and because it is kind of my obsession, I love baking for my friends and family and also cooking. Because its summer I think easy and healthy recipes are amazing. For today I have chosen again something sweet but not lot, as you can see I did this a few times, because my friends, family and colleagues liked it. But yes of course you can choose the fruit of your option. As I said its easy and quick so you do not spend much time while doing this and it tastes amazing! So if you like it leave a comment and tell me what is your favorite treat and if you like baking|cooking? If you are new dont forget to subscribe and leave me a link for your blog so I can do the same. Thanks for reading and see you next time xoxo Mon

30. júna 2017

INSPIRATION: In love with TV series part 2.

Hey guys it´s me again, I was thinking about new topics for post and as I was scrolling down what I have written for you I saw a post which caught my eye and you guys liked it a lot. It was my post about TV series as you maybe know I am a huge fan and because I wrote it nearly a year ago I think this is a great opportunity to refresh my list and maybe give you guys some inspiration. So here they are.

Okay this will be one of my ultimate faves forever and ever, because the cast is amazing, the story is epic and so complicated you just get lost in it but it has this great plot and it makes you feel like you want to know what happens in the next episodes, that's why I am watching every Tuesday and then waiting the whole week for the next episode so you can´t get tired of the girls trying to know who is A /recently who is AD?/, so who has not seen the PLL new season go and watch it you will never regret a for you who have no idea what I am talking about start from the first season and you will love it. Now I am really sorry the show is over, it was the best show ever and lasted for 7 years, I don't wanna ruin this for you so one of the next post will be my reaction for the season finally (yaaaaaay)

28. júna 2017

FOODSPIRATION: Easy summer breakfast idea (banana pancakes)

This is something really new in my blog, something I have never wrote before, today I decided to bring something new, something from a tasty side, a recipe and it will be a breakfast recipe.

Banana pancakes, this recipe is actually a combination of two, one I used to do all the time when it was hot in summer and I wanted to eat something easy and fresh and the other one is inspired by my friend. This two made an amazing combination, they are really delicious, healthy, easy to make and they are not heavy for your stomach. The preparation takes 5 minutes and then you only have to bake them, you can choose if its on the pan or in the oven.

You will need (this makes 2-3 medium portions):
- two bananas
-coconut oil~peanut butter
-3 eggs
-pinch of salt
-vanilla sugar
-1 table spoon of flour
-1 tea spoon of sugar
-fruit of your choice

 How to do it?
Prepare a bowl, crack the eggs and mix them with the sugar, cinnamon and vanilla sugar, add a table spoon of coconut oil or peanut butter, pinch of salt. Add 2 smashed bananas to the mixture and mix it. Later add the flour to the mixture till you get a medium thick mixture. Mix it up and preheat the pan or the oven, create small pancakes and bake them on medium fire. If you use the oven, use baking paper and preheat the oven around 160 C and bake around 4 minutes, you will see if are turning gold take them out. One of the option is to add some fruit to the pancake mixture before baking, or also you can add coconut flakes or chocolate chips. After they are backed, you can put maple syrup on them and fresh fruit.

Hope you like it, leave a comment and see you next time xoxo Mon